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Haddenham Healthcare is a company specializing in the treatment of lymphoedema and chronic oedema.  Our focus is on providing problem solving solutions to assist therapists in treating their patients - helping them achieve clinical effectiveness and patient compliance.  Haddenham have a wide range of innovative and unique products available on Drug Tariff – including the unique and UK patented Easywrap compression wrap and Microfine toecaps.

We are delighted to be the Platinum Sponsor of the 8th National Lymphoedema Conference.




Founded in 1847, Thuasne imagines, develops and manufactures medical devices allowing everyone to become actors in their own health. For 6 generations, the Group offers concrete, adaptive and innovative health solutions including Mobiderm for lymphoedema/lipoedema sufferers.

Mobiderm technology consists of foam cubes within pads, bandages and garments which promote lymphatic circulation and assist in the softening of fibrotic tissue.

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Medical compression solutions for you!

Sigvaris compression solutions help you to go easily through your day. To feel strong and secure. They give you the comfort to do everything you want, and they cater to your way of life.

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