ComfiWave: - A new innovative lymphoedema garment, “not just for night time compression” (Sponsored by Haddenham)

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 11:40 - 12:15

Compression is a key component in the management of lymphoedema and both day & night time compression in a variety of forms have always been available to manage oedema.

Haddenham ComfiWave is a new innovative garment for the management of mild to moderate lymphoedema. Initially designed as a night garment, it has been shown to be more flexible, complementing the use of day time compression and providing innovative solutions for other groups of patients.

ComfiWave is a seamless flat knit fabric, providing a therapeutic pressure of 15-21mmHg. The patented knit is highly breathable which combined with 100% cotton next to the skin makes it extremely comfortable to wear and cool at night.

The ribbed construction of ComfiWave provides a suitable base layer to apply bandage systems, adjustable Velcro wraps or flat knit garments over the top for additional compression.

The light weight & easy application of the garment also makes it an idea garment for use in palliative care, patients with strength /dexterity problems or with vulnerable skin conditions.

Patient feedback has been very positive and the flexibility is demonstrated in a variety of case studies.

This presentation will include a 5 minute Q&A session