Lipoedema and Diet - A long term study with De Montfort University

Thursday, June 10, 2021 15:00 - 15:30

Lipoedema UK have entered into a long term collaboration with De Montfort University to investigate why conventional diets fail to have any impact on Lipoedema. The study will include dietary trials to find an optimal diet to prevent weight gain and reduce existing areas of Lipoedema fat.

Women with Lipoedema have been consistently let down by conventional wisdom on weight management and exercise and the lack of knowledge of Lipoedema throughout the medical profession. Patients with Lipoedema are often found obese and have concurrent lymphoedema conditions, which adds to the complexity of disease treatment and management.

Faerber (2018) shed the light on the pro- and anti-inflammatory properties of diet as the potential focus for Lipoedema management, as chronic inflammation has been suggested as one of the pathophysiological processes involved in Lipoedema.

Sharie Fetzer, Chair , Lipoedema UK